An unmet requirement for nearest and dearest considered is actually usual one of outlying than one of urban citizens (23% vs
An unmet requirement for nearest and dearest considered is actually usual one of outlying than one of urban citizens (23% vs

Full, 20% out-of Filipino girls was in fact thought to provides an enthusiastic unmet need for nearest and dearest considered qualities--9% to possess means of spacing births and you will eleven% getting a style of stop childbearing. 16%). Teenagers and girls aged 20-24 were the age-groups most likely to have a keen unmet significance of technique of spacing births (27% and 21%, respectively). When it comes to schooling, an importance of technique of spacing births are most useful certainly ladies no studies (14% against. 8-9% one of most other girls), and you will people no education otherwise primary education was indeed likely to be than people with large quantities of studies to have an enthusiastic unmet dependence on means of finish childbirth (15-16% versus. 8-10%).

Birth control Studies and use

Expertise in family relations considered is almost common from the Philippines: During the time of the brand new survey, 98% regarding currently hitched ladies realized with a minimum of you to definitely progressive approach and you will 94% knew of at least you to old-fashioned method. Many typically the most popular procedures have been the fresh tablet (stated by 97% regarding currently partnered females), followed by new condom (95%), the latest IUD and you will girls sterilization (92% each), plus the injectable (89%).

All in all, 69% from married lady had ever before practiced birth prevention; brand new tablet in addition to condom was basically the ways advertised of the largest size of girls (36% and you can fourteen%, respectively). In the course of the latest questionnaire, 28% of females were utilizing a modern-day method and you will 18% were using a timeless one to. The quintessential popular methods had been female sterilization and the pill (for every single said from the ten% of women), accompanied by detachment and you can sheer family considered (9% each). No other approach is used by more than cuatro% of females.

A lot of women exactly who used a modern contraception method gotten their birth control out of a public origin (72%), such as a good barangay otherwise neighborhood health route (24%), a federal government health otherwise a neighborhood wellness route (23% each)

Use of modern steps is actually higher among feamales in urban areas than simply certainly outlying society (31% vs. 25%). Next, people having about some studies had been more inclined than simply females without formal schooling to have confidence in such as for example actions (25-31% against. 9%). When relatives dimensions are noticed, birth prevention incidence was higher one of women having about three college students (40%) and low certainly females having nothing (1%).

But not, most women just who put condoms acquired her or him out of an effective personal scientific resource (54%), including a pharmacy (47%). Total, 41% of females training birth-control left behind use of their means when you look at the first year. Profiles away from condoms, this new injectable, withdrawal therefore the pill was the best so you're able to cease explore (60%, 52%, 46% and forty-two%, respectively). Of those which abandoned, 31% quoted approach inability, 16% side effects and you will 15% an aspire to get pregnant. Profiles of your own injectable were probably to statement ill-effects (32%); users out of detachment was most likely so you're able to cite method inability (22%).

Among lady maybe not already exercising birth control, 33% meant to fool around with a strategy within the next one year and you will 8% wished to play with a strategy afterwards. This new tablet is widely known style of 40% of women intending to routine contraception eventually on the future.

Fifty-five % out of nonusers don't plan to habit contraceptive into the the near future. The causes most often quoted having nonuse certainly lady younger than 29 was indeed a desire for alot more youngsters (27%), harmful effects (25%) and you can health issues (15%). Among females aged 31 otherwise old, typically the most popular causes considering to have nonuse have been a desire for a whole lot more youngsters (19%), menopausal or hysterectomy (18%), side effects (16%) and you can health issues (13%).

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