If an individual package is usually to be unpacked, one other should be removed first
If an individual package is usually to be unpacked, one other should be removed first

seven.4. Contradictory digital bundles - Issues ¶

When that digital package announces a dispute having another playing with a great Issues profession, dpkg will refuse to permit them to end up being unpacked into program at the same time. This really is a stronger limitation than Vacations , which suppresses this new busted bundle regarding getting designed as cracking package is in the “Unpacked” county however, allows each other packages becoming unpacked in one big date.

If your bundle are unpacked is marked once the replacing (find Overwriting data and replacement bundles - Replaces , however, keep in mind that Breaks would be to usually be used in this instance) the main one on system, and/or you to toward method is marked once the deselected, or one another packages are noted Very important , after that dpkg will instantly take away the plan which is inducing the conflict. Otherwise, it does halt the installation of this new bundle that have a keen mistake. So it system try specifically designed to make a mistake if the strung bundle is very important , but the brand new bundle isn’t.

A great deal doesn't lead to a dispute simply as the configuration documents are strung; it must be at the very least “Half-Installed”.

An alternate exemption is good for packages and therefore e, otherwise which have a virtual package that they promote (get a hold of less than): this does not stop its setting up, and you will lets a great deal so you're able to disagreement with individuals taking an alternative for it. You employ this particular feature if you want the package concerned getting really the only package providing some feature.

in addition to Provides whenever one package bringing a given digital studio is going to be unpacked at once (look for Virtual bundles - Provides ),

other days where one must prevent simultaneous having a couple packages for grounds that are constant (not fixed in the a later on kind of one of several packages) or that has to end one another packages regarding being unpacked on exact same date, not simply designed.

Remember that including Problems often is perhaps not the best solution when a few bundles deliver the exact same data. With regards to the factor in you to definitely dispute, playing with selection otherwise renaming brand new documents is normally a much better method https://hookupfornight.com/teen-hookup-apps/. Find, such as for instance, Binaries .

Neither Holidays nor Problems can be put except if a couple packages usually do not be installed meanwhile or setting up them one another explanations one of them as damaged otherwise useless. Having similar features or creating an identical jobs while the other plan is not sufficient reason to declare Breaks or Disputes thereupon package.

A beneficial Conflicts entryway could have an “prior to when” adaptation condition if the reason behind brand new disagreement try remedied within the a later on type of among the many bundles. not, often the visibility off an “sooner than” version clause are a sign you to definitely Breaks need to have become made use of rather. An “earlier than” version clause from inside the Problems inhibits dpkg out of updating otherwise setting-up the fresh bundle and that announces particularly a conflict before the enhance otherwise reduction of one's conflicted-with plan has been finished, which is a robust maximum.

eight.5. Virtual bundles - Provides ¶

In addition to names from real (“concrete”) packages, the box dating sphere Is based , Suggests , Means , Enhances , Pre-Is based , Breaks , Disputes , Build-Would depend , Build-Depends-Indep , Build-Depends-Arc , Build-Issues , Build-Conflicts-Indep and create-Conflicts-Arc can get mention “digital packages”.

A virtual bundle is one and that appears in the Will bring control arena of other bundle. The outcome can be in the event your plan(s) which offer a particular virtual plan identity got detailed by the name everywhere this new virtual bundle label appears. (Select and Digital packages )

In the event that there are each other real and digital bundles of the identical name, then the reliance are fulfilled (or the conflict triggered) from the sometimes the real package on term concerned otherwise virtually any concrete bundle which provides the newest digital bundle for the term under consideration. This is so that, including, supposing we have

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